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If you’re feeling like your newsfeed is filled with COVID-19 updates, that’s because it is. And, so is everyone else’s. And while much of the content being published right now is genuinely helpful and informational, it’s also getting to be A LOT…

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What is Keep Social Media Social?

It's a Mission

Our mission is to transform how the world uses social media by inspiring people and brands to invest as much care into their online communities as they do their offline ones.

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It's a Community

Our site is a global community for sharing social media education, strategies, ideas, inspirations… you name it. Members come here for free resources on how to put our mission into practice.

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It's a Hashtag

#KeepSocialMediaSocial is where we gather on Instagram and other social platforms to show our unity and support one another in our social media efforts.

It's a Group

Join our Facebook group @KeepSocialMediaSocial to talk shop, get the lowdown on the latest social media news and trends, grab “how-to” advice, pick the brains of other experts in our community and more!

Who Do We Serve?

Social Media Managers
Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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