Think that social media

should actually be social?

So do we.

Remember when social media used to be … social? You’d sign on and see posts, photos, messages and comments from real friends, people and companies that you genuinely wanted to connect with.

Unfortunately, algorithms and platforms have all changed, making it harder than ever to reach your audience and be connected authentically.

Because of the changes, people have started using black hat strategies on social that are meant to accelerate growth. By doing this, accounts have put too much focus on the number of followers next to their name and buying engagement from third party bots – forgetting that community is WAY more important. These tactics aren’t authentic, and definitely aren’t SOCIAL.

We’re trying  to change that.
It’s time to #keepsocialmediasocial.

What is

It’s a Movement

It’s a movement around the belief system that being *real* on social media is always the best strategy. #KeepSocialMediaSocial is supported by business owners, bloggers, individuals and brands who carry out this mission on social media and in real life.

It’s a Hashtag

#KeepSocialMediaSocial is where we gather on Instagram and other social platforms to show our unity and support one another in our social media efforts.

It’s a Community

Our community is made up of people who believe in building real, honest connections with others online and in real life. Together we create and encourage online conversations that lead to genuine relationships. We support one another and each other’s efforts on social media, knowing that #communityovercompetition (Thanks, Rising Tide Society) always wins.

It’s Our Brand

Keeping social media social means that as a business, we commit to being genuine and social. McLernon & Co.’s marketing strategies are not just about selling a product—they’re about connecting with real people online. It’s what our agency was founded on, and it’s what our core values come from.


More than anything, #KeepSocialMediaSocial means we focus on the final word in that hashtag: Social. Being social comes from creating authentic connections and engagement with an audience, not just counting the number of followers an account has.
Who’s Behind It?

#KeepSocialMediaSocial is the mission, mantra and value system that our social media agency, McLernon & Co., was founded on. As a social media agency we feel we have a responsibility to encourage and support the positive communities that can stem from social media. We also believe that we need to champion and utilize positive social media tactics while condemning techniques that are inauthentic.

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There are a lot of ways to join our community:

Commit to keeping social media social by showing up genuinely on your social media platforms. Grow your community, not just your followers. Preach the mission of #KeepSocialMediaSocial to your followers on social. It’s our responsibility to make social media a great place to be!

Take Responsibility


Use the hashtag #KeepSocialMediaSocial on Instagram whenever you post. Our community frequently supports and engages on the hashtag, and currently has over 11,000 uses!
Join our free community of like-minded people in our Keep Social Media Social Facebook group. This is a great place to ask questions about social media and connect with other community members.

Join our Community

Share with Us

Feel free to share why you want to keep social media social on any/all platforms and tag us at @mclernonandco, so we know you’re a part of the movement.